"Am I living in a way which is deeply satisfying to me, and which truly expresses me?" - Carl R. Rogers

Deciding to seek help with a problem or difficulty can be scary and daunting. There may seem no way out and yet the current situation intolerable. Very often we believe that we should be able to cope or resolve things on our own and yet things can feel unmanageable. The way forward with a relationship, a situation or pattern of behaviour can seem out of reach. It is a step into the unknown, to meet with a professional counsellor, to talk about what is troubling you and to not know what you will find. I know this from my own experience of seeing a counsellor. I know too that it can be the first step to leading a more fulfilling life.

Most people want to feel heard, known and accepted, and as a counsellor this is what I aim for. To create a safe space where clients feel able to voice their thoughts, feelings, concerns and anxieties. What makes it safe is a defined time and space for you to focus on you, a commitment from me to listen without judgement and to be genuine. A confidential space, separate from friends and family, who sometimes feel too close, where you can explore the issues that matter to you at your own pace.

"Courage is necessary to make being & becoming possible" - Rollo May